Jillian Delong



Three candidates who call themselves “strong public education advocates” are running this fall as a slate for three open Beachwood Board of Education seats. The three women, in a release, stated their belief that “the schools are moving in the right direction in many ways,” although they see challenges and opportunities ahead.


Leatherberry is a mother of two children, one of whom recently graduated from Beachwood High School, and the other a second grader at Bryden Elementary School. A 10-year resident, Leatherberry formerly served on the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education, from 2004-08, and was its president in 2006. Leatherberry has worked for nonprofits for more than two decades and is now director of grants and contracts at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center,

Allamby, 51, is a physical therapist who works with senior citizens and is the mother of two daughters. A six-year resident, Allamby said she looks forward to applying her skills at listening to identify ways to solve issues and to understand the needs of students and community members. Allamby moved to Beachwood because of its schools, and said she knows the importance of keeping them strong.

“As a member of the District’s Parent Equity and Engagement Team, I am really pleased with the efforts being made,” Allamby said. “It really shows that the district understands that diversity is a strength. But there is an opportunity to grow that strength even more and support all of our students and families.”

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